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AGATA 2022.1 Update. Geography, Smarter navigation

AGATA 2022.1
The AGATA algorithm has become even more intuitive and useful! This week we’ve added a new methodology to the Settings and Strategic sections, the Geography algorithm.

Sales planning by countries and regions

With the Geography algorithm, users can:
  1. Choose the countries where the company conducts or plans to conduct its activities;
  2. Find out the volume of consumption of a product category in a particular subject and/or outlet;
  3. Plan the geography of distribution using their companies’ own classification of the sales regions.

This data will allow users to more accurately plan the work of the sales department and build better distribution, both within a specific product category and the company as a whole.

Smarter navigation

The AGATA algorithm interface has also been updated. We’ve made the platform menu more convenient and compact. Now it is presented not in a vertical, but in a horizontal format, which allows you to better navigate the platform. In this case, the menu can be shrunk to a narrow vertical strip on the left side of the screen and thereby expand the working area.

You can check out these functions right now by participating in the AGATA algorithm testing. For a demonstration of the platform, please contact us here or by email

You can learn more about AGATA and its algorithms on the platform's main website.